24 K (and that’s not gold)

Over the last week, I worked on my BMW R1200GS motorcycle in preparation for a trip to Colorado and Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

1.5 tires changed (that’s another story)
Rear drive fluid changed
Rear spline greased
Rear brake pads changed
Rear brake pins cleaned and greased
Front and rear brake fluid bled
Gearbox fluid changed
Oil changed
Oil filter changed
Alternator belt changed
Throttle cables synchronized

Two patches of skin lost (one knuckle and a piece of my right little finger).
Lots of torque values were looked up.
No bolts were lost.
No tools were lost (that I know of).
The bike still starts and the brakes still work. The new tires provide a smooth ride.
Most days the temperature was 90 + in the shade. All my clothes have salt lines.

I have a tremendous feeling of satisfaction.

I’m ready to roll.

One thought on “24 K (and that’s not gold)

  1. Roger Fecher

    Very IMPRESSIVE, Jim
    Glad it all worked out – hope your trip is great as well
    Thanks for all your work on the BMW website – it is very good!

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