GS Giant’s ADV RAid

OK. I look around our club gatherings and I see a lot of GS’s. So I thought I’d just pass along a little info of something cool.

As you are probably aware, the GS Giants are a group of folks who actually believe these incredible bikes can do more than hang out at Starbucks. They are built for off-pavement fun and enjoyment. So here goes.

If you’re going to the RA Rally be aware there will be Giant activities both before and during the event. If you want to join the fun, then get signed up. There will be an ADV RAid which has already started, but it’s probably not too late to join them en route before it’s over on Wednesday. (They also get access to the rally site a day early). Adventure Detours along the way to the RA Rally pre-mapped out coming from every direction. We’re planning to do one of these on our way to the rally. At the rally they’ll have a GS track set up. All of these activities are for points in the competition or just for fun. Regardless you have to register and sign a waiver before the event. There’s a women’s only ride on Friday. Hurry because there were a couple of spots still available as of Saturday.

For more information check out one of the following:

  1. GS Giants Facebook Page
  2. RA Rally Forum thread
  3. webpage

That is all. Have fun! GS Giants ADV

GS Giants Adventure RAid