BMWMOA 2013 Mileage Update

Good evening,

As an update for the 2013 MOA mileage contest, I have 33 club member mileage forms or information regarding starting mileage for 2013. Its not too late to start for those of you who are MOA members. I was hoping to exceed lasts years numbers, and if everyone who did participate last year and is willing to join in again we will. With the new participants I now have will also likely move Indiana up on the participation list of which Indiana was 10th this past year. Its about participation, the miles are for smiles!!!

I am not able to be at breakfast this Saturday, Crew Duty at the airfield and we were out of town last week, so I am asking Wayne, Dennis or Dom to collect any MOA Mileage forms you bring in or send with another member. I will be there the following Saturday to collect forms which is the last Saturday breakfast before the mailing deadline that next Monday.

If you have elected to mail in your own form, I would appreciate an email, text etc with your bike model and starting mileage.

Thank you again for participating