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BMWMOA 2013 Mileage Update

Good evening,

As an update for the 2013 MOA mileage contest, I have 33 club member mileage forms or information regarding starting mileage for 2013. Its not too late to start for those of you who are MOA members. I was hoping to exceed lasts years numbers, and if everyone who did participate last year and is willing to join in again we will. With the new participants I now have will also likely move Indiana up on the participation list of which Indiana was 10th this past year. Its about participation, the miles are for smiles!!!

I am not able to be at breakfast this Saturday, Crew Duty at the airfield and we were out of town last week, so I am asking Wayne, Dennis or Dom to collect any MOA Mileage forms you bring in or send with another member. I will be there the following Saturday to collect forms which is the last Saturday breakfast before the mailing deadline that next Monday.

If you have elected to mail in your own form, I would appreciate an email, text etc with your bike model and starting mileage.

Thank you again for participating


Rick Nelson named MOA Key Volunteer

Rick Nelson, BMW Club of Indianapolis.

Rick Nelson has been named one of only five Key Volunteers for 2012 by BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. “I was very surprised when I opened my mail,” he said. While he was surprised those of us who have been around him for any length of time are not. He is always willing to help on a project with his expertise and labor.

The award came with a key and a framable certificate. “I don’t have room in my trailer to hang this,” bemoaned Rick. Helpful friends at our coffee group suggested that he frame the certificate with a hi-viz orange frame and wear it on his back while riding. It would be a safety device that encourages volunteerism.

Note the enormous key under the fingers on his right hand. The MOA key is engraved with his name.

Congratulations Rick for this distinctive national honor.

April 20, 2013, Monthly Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2013, Monthly Meeting Minutes

President Margie Ledgerwood called the meeting to order at 2:20 PM.

Margie extended thanks to Theresia and Archey Shearer for hosting the meeting.  There were approximately 30 members in attendance.

The new members in attendance were asked to introduce themselves.

Margie announced that a flea market-swap meet will be scheduled for this summer at Falcone Motorsports.  The club will not run a hot dog stand during the event as in the past.

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We have 17 members sighed up to attend the RA national at the Biltmore in Ashville NC. Be sure to remember that signing up on our web site does not get you regerstered for the rally. That can be done at

If you have never been to the Biltmore, this is the best way to do it.

It don’t get no better then hanging out with club members at a rally, OH did I leave out the part about the winery.

If anyone has any questions that I can help with just let me know.



Great Little Rally – Great location

Here’s the info about the Cass Rally held in WV.  Talk about amazing riding…..  I’ve been two years running now and it’s a very enjoyable small rally, very laid back, good camping and fun things to do in the area including the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and the Cass Railroad State Park for a cool train ride .  Feel free to ask me about it.  Rick N.

Good day fellow RIDERS! I hope that you all have had some great spring weather
and have went out and enjoyed the freedom and feeling we all get from TWO
WHEELS. The time has come again for us to remind you all of our
annual Get Together in Boyer Station (CASS WV). So far the weather looks
extremely cooperative so lets keep our fingers crossed, but if not we’ll still
have a great time. The rally kicks off on Friday May 24-Monday 27, but if you
want to arrive early the campground is very flexible. The price will
remain the same as the past several years $40.00 and
no pre-registration is necessary, the price is the same at the
 The following is a list of what will be taking place during the

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2013 MOA Mileage Signup event.

Good Afternoon,

Well I need to say thank you to the club response on Saturday!!! I collected 29 MOA starting mileage forms at Falcone Motorsports our Indianpolis BMW Dealership. Galen gave me his at the Carmel Triathalon on Sunday AM, so I now have 30!!

I would like to say thanks to Dennis Shelly for making the great little spinner he manufactured and donated to the club. Theresa thanks for bringing the club table banners as well. I also need to say thanks to Margie for making herself available to sign forms when Gene was not able to do so, as did Wayne at the end of our day. We gave away 15 t shirts to some lucky winners thanks to Gene, so please thank him next time you see him at Breakfast or at the showroom. Thank you to the club leadership group, for allowing me to do this, it was a great time. In completing my spreadsheet today with the forms I have, plus the riders who participated last year we have the potential to have 47 in the contest, so if a few more members can see their way to join in or we find a few new club members we could hit 50 or MORE! That would move us up the list of finishing states for participation!

I was expecting to collect some forms yesterday, but what a response. I met some club members I had not met previously as well. . Jim Brown was able to take the opportunity to capture a number of photos of members there to use for the club directory as well.

We also will have gained 2 new members as we met a husband and wife picking up their new to them 2008 K1200LT. I am sure they were not expecting to see the club there in force but he intends to go online and complete his membership.

Per my earlier notes, while the contest mileage started yesterday you have until May 13th to have your MOA mileage form witnessed and signed and postmarked to the MOA. Dom, Dennis and Wayne are assisting me in collecting forms at our Club Breakfast at Shapiros until May 11th. If you decide to mail in your own form I would appreciate your dropping me a note with your bike or bikes information and starting odometer reading as I will provide a recap to the club.

Again my thanks, great turnout and great start,

Rick Copy of BMW K1200lt 003

Location for the 2014 Rally announced !

The location for the BMW MOA 2014 International Rally – that’s the one to be held a year AFTER this great year’s upcoming International Rally in Salem OR July 18-21 2013 – has been announced.

It is to be held in St. Paul Minnesota at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.  That is a fun area of the country to explore. Not as many mountains as Oregon, but still beautiful lakes, great roads, and only about 600 miles away from Indy.  That’s a longish one day ride, and an easy two day ride.

Just don’t let your excitement about St. Paul stop you from attending this year’s rally in Salem Oregon, July 18-21.
Did I already mention about this year’s really in Salem OR ?

Rick Nelson
2013 Rally Co-Chair

Rick Hansen collects MOA beginning mileage documents

MOA Mileage from James Brown on Vimeo.

Rick Hansen, BMW Motorcycle Club of Indianapolis, collects beginning MOA mileage forms for 2013.

Rick Hansen makes an impassioned plea for our club members to participate in the MOA Mileage competition. Our collective miles are rank ordered against other clubs. We have some new members and if everyone participates, we should be more competitive than we have been.

Make note of your odometer readings as of today, the start date of the six month riding period. You still have some time to download the forms and get them to Rick but don’t procrastinate too long.

Thank you Rick, for organizing the kickoff at the dealer’s today.

Let’s get busy and support Rick and the club in this mileage competition.

Jim Brown

2013 MOA Mileage Contest Update!

Good Morning!!!!!

Tomorrow is the start of the BMWMOA Mileage Contest, a fun, no cost participation event that occurs each year. I hope you will consider coming down to Falcone Motorsports tomorrow for some coffee and cookies and the chance to win a t shirt when you get your MOA Starting mileage registration form witnessed and signed. Something different this year. 11 AM to 3 PM- I will be there, along with a few membership committee members. In 2009 we had 23 club members complete the process and received their participation pins, For 2012 we had 38!

The MOA mileage contest is about fun and participation, Wisconsin was the number one state again in 2012 with 142 riders finishing, Indiana tied for 10th, with North Carolina with 51 riders. I would like to see if we can add a few more club members to the list this year as well as encourage other MOA members to help move Indiana up the list. When you consider that Minnesota was 8th with 57 riders participating I think we can move up on the list. Illinois was 4th with 84!

If you know of other MOA members who are club members or not, please encourage them to join in on the fun this year, invite them to come down to the dealership tomorrow, enjoy some conversation with other riders and perhaps win a t shirt from Falcone.

I am enlisting the help of Dennis, Wayne and Dom to assist me in collecting forms at the breakfast as Shapiro’s as well until May 11th, I will again record eveyones information and mail all of our club forms to the MOA by the mailing deadline of May 13th.

Thanks for considering this, and hope to see you tomorrow or at Shapiro’s over the next few weeks.

Rick H ( the other Rick)

Judy Pearson wins two Silver Awards in Skiing competition

Judy Pearson, BMW Motorcycle Club of Indianapolis.

Congratulations to Judy Pearson for winning two Silver Medals in a Skiing competition in Keystone, Colo. last month. I had understood from Wayne Garrison that she had won a motorcycle race. So as I was talking to her about her wins, she kept mentioning skiing and that she was only 8.2 seconds behind Lindsey Vonn and I kept trying to keep her on track to talk about her motorcycle wins. I thought Vonn had turned to motorcycle racing while trying to deal with Tiger Woods and her broken leg. But that didn’t make much sense either. When I finally figured out my mistake, what Judy was talking about made much more sense and we all had a big laugh.

She is wearing one of the medals. If you look at it in sunlight, you had better wear sunglasses.

So Judy is the club’s hot shot skier. If she points her skis at you, get out of the way.

Art Campbell visits Indy for a Month

Art Campbell, visitor, BMW Motorcycle Club of Indianapolis.

Art Campbell, a training engineer for GTECH, is in town for a month working on hardware training for the hardware backbone of the Hoosier Lottery. Art hails from Massachusetts. His company does work in approximately 30 states and they have 35 international partners so he is well traveled. His round-trip ride to and from work is about 80 miles so he puts some miles on his K1200LT. Before the LT, he owned two K75s at the same time as if one wasn’t enough for one human being.

If you see Art at Shapiro’s again, give him a Hoosier welcome.