BMWMOA 2012 Mileage Contest Final Tally

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My April copy of the MOA Magazine with the final 2012 Mileage Contest numbers arrived yesterday. Indiana Finished 10th again with 51 riders.  So that was a great finish!! Our club finished with 38 riders completing and submitting the forms to the MOA. As you can see its more about participating than the number of miles you have ridden. For those of you who participated, Thanks!!! For those of you who did not I hope you will consider adding your name and miles to the fun this year and recieve the participation pin to boot!! Can’t hurt you in the Indy Club Mileage Contest too which runs all 12 months!!!

The BMWMOA 2013 Contest starts in 2 weeks, The starting mileage form is in the BMWMOA April edition or you can download and print it from the MOA WEBSITE AT <”>

Some fun Facts: Wisconsin finished First again with 142 riders accumulating 1,141,064 miles for an average of 8036 miles. Northern states were 8 of the top 10 finishers this year. As you can see our club avg 9378 per rider!!!

Here is a recap of this year and the last few years for both the MOA and for our clubs. I have the full recap  as well, as self reported and the BMWMOA numbers.  If you want to see it send me an email, I cant get the excel sheet to post well here.

2012 Avg Per Rider
MOA Mileage Contest Indy Beemers Indiana

2012 Indy Beemers
% of Indiana Miles Ridden 76.94%  % of Indiana Riders 74.51%

Indiana                  2012      2011        2010        2009          2008

Total Miles           463,138    354,115    348164    352267    330395
# of Riders                51        45                34            32            37
Avg Per Rider         9081      7869          10240      11008      8930

Indy Beemers
Club Recap          2012       2011      2010        2009
Miles Ridden      356354   261110   265490   215955
# of Riders            38            32          24            23
Avg Miles            9378        8160     11062       9389

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  1. Rick Hansen Post author

    I forgot to mention that Andy Clark was the high mileage rider in Indiana for the MOA contest, Congrats Andy with 22,622 miles!!!

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