march meeting


Ok listen up

I / we have been to Mike and Mamie William’s place before, and it was a hoot for us.

Oh I left out Bevo, that is the dog, not just any dog, it is BEVO!

Be sure to mark your schedule to be at the March meeting (3-23-2013).

I just got off the phone with Mike, he and Mamie are planning on putting on a great spread.

And don’t forget the plane rides; just ask Judy, Jerry, Johnathon, and Peggy, some of them loops.

If you are any kind of tinkering guy, you will drool over Mike’s shop (shops).

Please REMEMBER to let them know if you are going to attend.

By the way the drive way doesn’t really look like a driveway, you could even count it as off road riding.



4 thoughts on “march meeting

  1. Bob Roudebush

    We’re planning on attending the March meeting as well though may be running a tad late as we have another obligation in the morning. Were do we RSVP?

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