Daily Archives: March 3, 2013

Battery Update

I had a situation yesterday and thought I’d add to my battery story. I parked about 5:45 last evening, and four hours of fun and excitement later, I returned. Imagine my dismay while approaching from the rear to observe the tail lights illuminated.  I checked the front end to find sure enough I had somehow left all the lights on ! Greatly concerned and not in a good time or place to obtain knowledgable assistance, I decided the best course would be to try a start up anyway. Four hours with the lights on definitely creates a major test for any battery, especially in cold temps. I’ve been there before, trying desperately to coax a depleted battery into providing just enough umph to turn over that engine and get a spark going to light up the fuel. Many of us have heard that slow disappointing grinding sound, that click -click – click, that wruau, wrau, wrau, aaahhhh that turns into nothing. We’ve pled with, prayed with, maybe even used language that our mom would be very unhappy with, to persuade that persnickety Pb-in-the ass power producer to provide a push to the piston. Continue reading