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play dough

I was trying to find space under the seat on my F650GS to install a fuse block, and an Autocom.

I tried to peek under the seat with a flash light to get a look and was getting nowhere.

What I needed was a ruler or some way to know just how much space I had to work with.

Can you say play dough, yep just roll up a shape that fits your space shut the seat, then open the seat.

And what you have is a dimension, or a shape to check out the space you need.

After installation use a very small roll upped piece, lay it on the installed part shut the seat.

This is to see just how much the seat is pushing down on part.

BMW Banquet

Saturday February 9th. Primo Banquet Hall, Plainfield, IN. Please get your money in for the BMW Banquet as we need a head count by February 2nd. The cost is only $35.00 each. I hope to see all of you there.

Keep a record handy of your beginning 2013 odometer readings

Dear Friends,

As you send your 2012 mileage totals to Harold Patterson, please keep track of your beginning odometer readings on all your bikes, BMW or otherwise. I am in the middle of programming a custom app to keep track of all of your miles by bike by brand that you may want to use later. The first year requires a beginning and ending odometer reading. But the ending reading can also be the starting figure for the next year as long as the bike is not ridden. The application will keep track of any number of bikes, brands and models over time.

But to start the program will need your beginning odometer readings for 2013.

Harold’s email is:

Thanks and Happy New Year!