Campground sites on your Garmin GPS

Hey club,  I was airing some grievences to the Garmin tech and he told me about a great site to download POI’s (points of interest) of varying categories.  I went to and discovered lots of good apps that you can download to your GPS and bring up under the “Extras” button, including one with all the Starbucks locations, and one with lots of independant coffee shops.  I also found one at that has Nat. Park, Nat. Forest, State Park and many other types of campgrounds.  This has been a big complaint of mine for a while that it was so hard to find campgrounds on the Garmin.  You do need to download the free POI loader from the Garmin web-site first.      Explanations are user-friendly. I’ll be glad to assist if needed.

Rick Nelson, Happy Camper