Labor Day Weekend Springfield Mile/Horseshoe Run

I will be ordering tickets and making lodging arrangements for the Springfield mile and night before short track races again this year. The races will be held on September 1 and 2.

The site below has race schedule information.

 Because the Mile often is a sellout I need to know who is going by July 15. Please confirm by e-mail.

This is some of the closest racing in the world.  The 2012 Memorial Day race final had the first five bikes finish in .25 seconds.
I will be making reservations for Saturday and Sunday night lodging again at the Mansion View Lodge in Downtown Springfield, Ill.
We will ride over on Saturday afternoon, and return home on Monday morning barring a rain delay.  You may return home after the Sunday Mile if you wish.
This will be the last year that the short track national race will be held in conjunction with the Mile, so to double your fun be sure to sign up this year.
Cost of reserved tickets is $30.00 for both the short track and mile for a total of $60.00.  Lodging is very reasonable at the Mansion View @ 2/room.  Special rate of 59.00/night plus tax.
Please mark you calendar for this event and let me know if you can join the fun.  Last year we had 10 attendees; lets break that record.
PS: Rich Nathan volunteered to find a new location to sample the famed Springfield “horseshoe sandwich.” I am deferring to Rich even though I have confirmed the best white cheddar cheese sauce is served at D’arcy’s Pint.  Please Rich, no cheese wiz.
Bob Conley

3 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Springfield Mile/Horseshoe Run

  1. Bob Conley Post author

    We are in Springfield. Short track rained out sat night. We had a great dinner last night. We are bucking remnants of Issac but optimistic the races will go tonight.

  2. Dominick LoDuca

    This is notice that I plan to attend the labor day races in Springfield. Let me know if you want me to put a check in the mail.

    1. Bob Conley Post author

      You make 8 signed up. We should pick up a few who are checking their calendars. We will have a great time again this year.

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