Fifteen Reasons Why I Late Apex Curves

  1. A wider entry to a curve allows me to see farther down the road. (Is there an 18-wheeler entering from the other end?  Is that hound dog in the middle of my lane?)
  2. Since I can see farther, I have more distance to slow or stop if necessary.
  3. If I observe oncoming traffic or a road hazard, I can continue on the outside of my lane instead of apexing the curve.
  4. At any given speed, the wider the turn’s radius the less I have to lean the bike to negotiate the curve.
  5. If I goof and enter a curve too fast, I have more time/distance to scrub off speed due to the reduced lean angle of the bike.
  6. If unfamiliar with the road, I am prepared for the surprise decreasing radius curve. (Heck, I was preparing to square off the turn anyway.)
  7. I prefer to finish blind right turn switchbacks on my side of the road.
  8. I prefer to finish blind left turn switchbacks on the roadway (not dodging trees in the woods).
  9. If I enter a curve taking a wide line and an object appears in my path, its relatively easy to decelerate and tighten the arc; if I’m taking an inside line and an object appears in my path, I have to stand the bike up and head for the ditch (left turn) or the center line (right turn) then turn into a wider arc before disaster occurs.  (One move is easier than two moves.)
  10. Since I am done turning sooner than the rider that just follows the path of the road, I’m on the gas sooner.  (Where did he go?)
  11. A late apex line isn’t the fastest line through a curve, but on a public road it’s almost always the fastest safe line through a curve.
  12. I like to lean way over, and its safe when I only do it AFTER I can view the exit of the curve.  (No sand in the road, no oncoming traffic, Extreme lean when you want to, not when you have to.)
  13. I’m concentrating on executing the perfect line, not perfectly singing a line of the oldie on the radio.
  14. Late apexing curves is easier said than done. If you don’t do it all the time you probably won’t do it at all.
  15. Its so much fun when you do it right.

Comments encouraged, 20 reasons would make a good round number. Can anyone think of another reason to wait apex? 

Keine Huhnstreifen
Honorary Member
BMW MC Club of Indianapolis

2 thoughts on “Fifteen Reasons Why I Late Apex Curves

  1. Rick Nelson

    16. I’d rather be on the inside of the lane when the doofus coming the other way cuts the curve into my lane (right turn)

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