The BMW Motorcycle Club of indianapolis tries to maintain the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid), as we would rather ride than have meetings. Discussions usually revolve around riding and eating (and computing, during nasty weather).

Our club became a Chartered MOA club in May 1, 1972. The Indianapolis BMW Club is centered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our Present Logo

Pop Dreyer and Kenny Jagger where the ones who started our club. Our club was the 17th club to be a charted by the MOA. There are now 191 charter clubs in the MOA.

When our present club logo was created the checkered flag represents racing.

Racing WAS and still is the Indianapolis 500; everybody knew about the Indianapolis 500, and still do.

Back then, Pop sold BMW motorcycles, every day Pop put an ad in the Indianapolis newspaper. “BMW the Gentleman’s Machine.” That explains the top hat, which represents a Gentleman. It added a bit of sophistication to the club’s image.

The circle with the black rule was used to allow the logo to be but on a white surface.


Our long standing motto is “Live to ride; ride to eat.”


See the events calendar on the right margin of the home page, and come join us!


Total number of members registered on our website: 183. This number includes  only those who have created an account on the website. A membership may include a family. Few spouses have created an account so the number undercounts the number of people who actively participate in meetings and events.

We seek to promote and support BMW motorcycles, safe riding practices, and seeing new places.

2014 Officers

President – Margie Ledgerwood

Vice President – Wayne Garrison

Treasurer – Theresia Shearer

Secretary – Bob Conley

Membership Secretaries- Tracy & Galen Reinholt

 Board of Directors

The board of directors include the officers and the following members:

Andy Clark

Joe Hochderffer

Harold Patterson

Lina Rifai

Dennis Shelley

Richard Snodgress

Other Functions

Triathlon Coordinator – Rich Nathan

Membership – Tracy & Galen Reinholt

Website Administrator – Bjoern Gottschild

Website Calendar Administrator – Doug Johnson

Yahoo Discussion Administrator – Andy Clark

MOA Mileage Coordinator – Wayne Garrison

Club Memberships

BMW Motorcycles Owners of America – Club #17

BMW Rider’s Association – Club #78