Saturday’s Club Meeting

Thanks to all who have signed up for this Saturday’s Club Meeting! If planning to attend and have not sign up please do so ASAP. Remember to bring a side dish, also a chair if able to transport. Deli sandwiches will be provided. 

Barb and Dennis



Shapiro’s cashier Joanne Spears has a hip replaced – lets send cards.

Our cashier at Shapiro’s had hip replacement surgery yesterday (Thursday) at St Vincent.

This is the second time she has had hip replacent on this same hip! Consequently, she will be off work for 6 weeks.

 I’m sure she would appreciate your well wishes and more.

Grab a card and stamp and lets make her feel better.

 Joanne Spears

34 Iowa Street

Indianapolis, IN 4622

2017 MOA Rally Registration Volunteers

 I received this from the MOA rally registration chair person.
If you are looking for someplace to volunteer at this years MOA National Rally, this is always a fun place.
You get to help the people when they come in to register.
They are, for the most part, very excited because they just road in and are hyped.
This is ONLY registering you to work registration, and you can pick you day and time.
Any question please feel free to contact me.

2017 MOA Rally Registration Volunteers


No Joke! Don’t become a member of the All Fools Day group by missing the next Club Meeting on Saturday, April 1st, 1 – 4 pm. Yes, Barb and Dennis have changed their Club Meeting date to April Fools Day. It’s no April Fools joke! March and April meeting are being combined on April 1st! Deli type sandwiches will be provided. 

Don’t be fooled,

Barb & Dennis

Merchants who supplied door prizes for our Banquet

Merchants who supplied door prizes for our Banquet, be sure to support them when you can.


Cycle Outfitters

BMW Motorcycle Owners of America

BMW Riders Association International

Falcone Powersports

BRMC (Blue Ridge motorcycle campground)

MacKenzie River Pizza


The Ram

Willville Motorcycle Camp

Hunts motorcycle lodge


Longs bakery



Canada Parks Pass free for 2017

Get your free Canada Parks Pass for 2017 HERE.

For all of 2017 this pass gives you unlimited opportunities to enjoy National Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas and National Historic Sites across Canada!  If there’s even a chance you’ll be going north of the border this season, this pass is worth getting.